America, My Home

America, so true,
Your red, Your white, Your blue,

How can your children stray,
Knowing what others had to pay,

Answering duty’s call,
Where so many had to fall,

That documents signed by few,
Offer freedoms for me and you?

How easily forgotten, those words of long ago,
That set a precedent for life, that often we forego.

To satisfy today, the self centered path we walk,
Forgetting to stand for freedom rights, until we wake in shock.

That so few with an agenda, lobby their desires,
Knowing full well the attention of many, can be distracted by current fires.

Where is the voice of encouragement, that believes deep in it’s core,
That together we can join our forces, to protect our maiden shore?

Oh show me America where is the one, who cares for the rights of many,
Who will stand up for, “In God We Trust,” written on our copper penny?

Don’t get me wrong oh Country I love, I shall not shirk my obligation,
To vote for one who appears on a ballot, to lead our challenged nation!

I pray today that able bodied men, will take a stand for their beliefs,
That we all might experience more joy in life, and bring America fewer griefs!

I stand at your side look off to horizons, I have yet to personally explore,
Promising future Americans, together we’ll stand to protect your sandy shore.

So join with me in honor of, those who fought so long ago,
To provide for you and me, these Freedoms that we know.

Let’s bridge the gap of Party’s, stand for one and all,
Let’s keep focused on the importance of, America’s duty call.

Let’s join our hearts before disaster, wakes us from our slumber,
Where we realize the toll is great, when it calls out our personal number!

So as we view the colored flares, representing long ago,
The battles fought to “Let Freedom Ring,” let the whole world know,

This Nation joins together, even amidst troubles on our land,
And as a Nation we’ll learn to defend Her rights, by taking a voting stand.

Let not your heart grow troubled, by the one who wins the vote,
Remember the balance was set in place, by the Constitution that they wrote.

Just remember wrongs will always happen, and that we cannot change,
However, that which was wrongly set, can be positively rearranged!

So America the Beautiful, your current children stand in Awe,
Experiencing all those freedoms given, by the dreams those Patriots saw!

Vote for Freedom to remain in place, across these wondrous lands,
Let others know we defend our rights, as we join American hands!

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